Trinity – Andrei Rublev 1411

A copy of an icon of the Blessed Trinity, written by Andrei Rublev in 1411. Three angels represent the persons of the Holy Trinity.

At the left, the Father, a figure at rest within Itself. His blue garment speaking of His divinity is almost hidden by the shimmering beauty of His heavenly glory. His hands grasp the staff of His authority.

In the center, Christ the Son, dressed half in the blue of divinity, and half in the brown of earth, symbolising his humanity. His two fingers, representative of his dual nature, gesture towards the cup of his communion in the Holy Eucharist. His gaze, ever fixed upon the Father, leads us to Him.

At right, the Holy Spirit shares the blue garment of the Divine with the green of renewal and newess of life. His hand rests upon the table, bringing to earth the divine life of the Blessed trinity.

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